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You found your purpose now what.

By Virginia Nava

You found your calling and purpose. You know what you are supposed to do and it is like you know you need to climb Everest and you know it will be a big ride but you still unsure about what to pack, most of your friends and existing relationships are doing there thing and now it is your turn to do your thing. You feel a bit alone and on your own. Then you start googling what do I pack of the ride of purpose kind of thing and there are crickets or all these formulas.

Let me tell you something, building your purpose is a process, it is a journey, some journeys are straight lines, some have detours. And all that you were taught about having A, B’s and C’s in High School or in graduate school isn’t going to work.

This is a journey that requires you to connect with that deep spiritual part of you where you found the inspiration that this is your journey, it requires you to build a connection with this part of yourself for answers, for support and for guidance. It is like the light is inside your tunnel, instead of outside, like the GPS and compass is inside of you vs. outside of you!

What you need for this journey is a relationship from the inside-out, is to find all the inner abilities, talents, gifts as well as what are not that strong points so that you can build the structure for your journey in which you are equipped for success and also to grow in your not that strong points and be supported.

Let go of perfection, start becoming growth minded and remember this is a journey where you can be yourself and be of service of those you are meant to serve, it is a journey towards fulfillment, authenticity and growth. Yes there is sweat, tears, disappointments sometimes, some degree of mistakes or learning process, and there is also growth, love, authenticity, real connection and fulfillment.