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How to handle burnout or prevent burnout?

Tools for Burnout Mindset Transformation

Burnout has many definitions. For this article, burnout is a series of events that lead to a feeling of exhaustion and tiredness.
There are different kinds of burnout, career burnout, entrepreneurship, boredom, and exhaustion.

To me, burnout is like a candle.
You have a candle, and it is on and then you have the candle starting to melt. Another metaphor could be a battery you have different levels of red, yellow, and green.
So, burnout will be when you are in red, and it is the undoing of burnout to go from red to yellow, to green.
The prevention of burnout is to not go from yellow to red.

I believe that burnout is connected to conditioning, culture, environmental conditions, and circumstances and is connected with mindset.

Here are some tools for Burnout Mindset Transformation:

Step by step process on how to transform a limiting belief into a new belief.

For this process, it may be helpful for you to imagine yourself as your best friend or someone you deeply care about so it can be easier for you to do this process.

Example of a Limiting Belief:
It is not ok to ask for help.

Examples of how to transform this belief into a new belief:
A powerful leader asks for help. When you ask for help you can allow others the gift of helping.
I deserve to receive help.
I can find new help, I can find help in YouTube videos, in training online, and in meetups. There are plenty of tools to help me achieve my goals.

Example of limiting belief:
I have to do everything now.

Examples of how to transform this belief into a new belief.
What is the most urgent activity now? What is the most important activity now? What can I delegate?
Use the word I choose to do vs. I have to do.

Examples of limiting belief:
I will rest when I have everything done.
Resting is being lazy.

Example of how to transform it.
When I rest, I optimize my body, when I do it helps me focus, and be more efficient and productive.
Rest adds to my productivity.

Creating new thought habits can help you become aware of your energy levels and create new perspectives about the importance of creating more wellness in your life.

In the end, the goal that many people have is to be more productive, effective, and efficient and this process can help you realize that by preventing burnout you are becoming more successful.
And you realize how burnout is counterproductive because it takes away from productivity. So, the amount of time to rest in the day, sleep well, or take 5 minutes or a mental break during the day adds on to help you stay successful longer.