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A notebook, a pencil, glasses, coffee and flowers, tools for life coaching support to connect your inner power

Life Coaching Support

Why having a life coach is key? So, you don’t go through it alone! It’s hard for us to see ourselves. I also take coaching sessions myself even though I offer life coaching support. Do you feel overwhelmed by everyday life challenges?

Shift your mindset, and ask for help.

I believe that we live a life where we are constantly asked to excel at everything.  Throughout our lifetime, we experience our own dose of shame for asking for help or even asking in the form of questioning something that doesn’t feel right to us.

I feel that we need to release the shame of asking for help. A life coach is someone who can help you by:

  • Guiding you to reconnect with yourself and what is purposeful for you
  • Strengthening your relationship with yourself and the people around you.
  • Clarifying your career goals and work vision.
  • Creating strategies to overcome challenges holding you back to meet goals.
  • Guiding you to integrate aspects of your life and balance them.  

As a business and life coach myself, I help people explore their vision for their life and, for some businesses, in a safe environment. One where they can be as they are. I believe, as people, business (work) and life aren’t separate. Instead, they co-exist.

Having a place where you can ask questions about the possibilities for your life that are in alignment with who you are is key.

Don’t let yourself stay stuck. Imagine your best friend or someone you love. If they needed help, you probably offered them a hand or you would allow them to be supported.

My unique philosophy of coaching is more like guidance. I help guide people through questions, exercises, and strategic processes because I feel that I can share the tools that I have acquired during my journey. It brings me joy that I can share them with you

So, how can you tell whether my coaching is for you?

Asking yourself these questions might help you answer that: 

  • What do I need help with?
  • Do I need clarity?
  • Do I need a roadmap?
  • Do I need better ways to relate to myself?
  • Do I need support?
  • Do I want to strengthen my relationships?
  • Do I want to balance every aspect of my life?

Also, try these affirmations

  • I deserve to ask for help.
  • I deserve to ask for support.
  • There are others on the journey who can help me.
  • The journey doesn’t have to be one of struggle.
  • I deserve a beautiful life of meaning and purpose
  • I deserve to make a difference in the world.

Ask for help, you deserve it. Yes, I am talking about you. If you are still unsure whether you need a life coach to connect with your purpose and life vision, send me a message for a complimentary call to talk about this. I am looking forward to it.