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Share your essence from the inside out

May you be the gift you were born to be

Meet Virginia

My name is Virginia Leticia Nava Hieger. I was named after my mother and great grandmother, really strong amazing women. My last name Nava comes from my father and my Mexican Heritage, and Hieger as a married woman.

Essentially, I am a big thinker. I like to explore complex ideas and bring them to life. I am also warm and empathetic which gets me to become really connected with people and the work I do. I also love deep conversations and bringing ideas to reality.

Do you want to know more about me?

gifts and talents

Transformative Power of your Gift

I offer you a guided process to transform your gifts and talents into inspired actions to create the desired impact on the world.

Make it real!

Sounds good? I know it has been tough, but it doesn’t have to be like that Bring that great idea to reality without a hassle

You can do it!

There’s a place where you can tap for energy and motivation. It’s within you, the transformative power of your gifts! I can tell you everything about that.
It is time for your gifts to shine!

Bringing your vision to reality...

Its possible!

Personal Impact

Know yourself to discover what you are capable of. Use that knowledge to make changes in your life. Get the confidence you need to do something and influence people around you. Develop, transform and empower yourself!

Make a difference

Build a project to impact the world. Boost your personal brand. Strengthen your communications and marketing strategies. Get your company to the next level with a better understanding of your business core.

How can you do all of this?

Using the transformative power of your gifts. For that, you have to:

  • Identify and connect with your inner gifts.
  • Create a space for your gifts to shine, to bring them into reality.
  • Share your gifts to impact yourself and everyone around you.
gifts and talents

Your Gift Journey

We can follow this journey together, one that I call “Your Gift Journey”. Who would benefit from this? Everyone seeking to:

  • Create a better version of themselves for personal development.
  • Build their personal brand with an authentic voice.
  • Strengthen connections within a team to link with the right audience.
  • Capitalize on your unique team gifts to create a trustworthy marketing plan.

Using the transformative power of your gifts, thus, means you first go within to identify what feels natural, what your gifts are. And then using them to create something you will feel whole by sharing whatever you create with those around you.

Is this you?

Are you feeling like something is missing? Every day, you wake up, do your chores and go to bed to call it a day. Is that enough? You may find yourself asking that question. Perhaps, you are on the right path, but you are not getting the results you wish for.

What can you do then? Use the transformative power of your gifts. Each of us is geared with them. A gift is an essential part of your being waiting to be discovered, used, and shared. The uneasiness that you might be feeling comes from a disconnection with your inner gifts. 

Once you discover, use, and share your gifts, you can experience their transformative power. That is, everything you do will make sense, it will have a meaning for you. Imagine how wonderful would it be to do what you are passionate about and feel connected with everyone around you!

transformative power

Use the Transformative Power of your Gifts

I am convinced that every individual has unique gifts and talents, authentic ways to connect with others. Based on that, I will support you to create a strategy that helps you find the transformative power of your gifts and talents, and use them to achieve your goals.

  • For that matter, we can:
  • Schedule 1-1 coaching sessions
  • Set up 1-1 business and marketing strategy sessions
  • Follow “Your Gift Journey”
  • Prepare some retreats for individuals and teams
  • Participate in workshops
  • Attend to seminars
  • Read my books
  • Take my courses
transformative power


Let me help you unwrap and share your gift.

Are you tired of over-achieving and ready to create real impact? Do you feel a heart’s yearning to impact the world with your unique gifts and talents? Have you realized that your true gift isn’t the box, the bow, or the label… it is what is inside you, waiting to be shared? If you often feel that your brand or message doesn’t truly reflect the depth or of your essence, then you are in the right place.

Are you ready to go deep within, open your Gift, capture the essence of it in your message, and build a stronger foundation that enables your essence to be honored and cherished? Are ready to become the voice and platform for your Gift and share it with the world?

Virginia Nava is a gift guide, author, and strategist who will help you return to the essence of yourself, your business and message so that you can share it beautifully and effectively.

“Valuable gifts are to be re-gifted, not stored away; important stories and lessons are to be shared, and collective wisdom is there to be passed on.”

~ from Virginia’s book, Meaningful Freedom™

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