Hiring Virginia was difficult for me because I too am a strategist. But I still needed subject matter expert in marketing , promotion, and product launch to help me create a strategy an action plan to guide my company. I was terribly busy strategizing the whole business that the additional focus just a marketing strategy was a hard task for me to complete. Speed was my number one goal but gaining expertise and knowledge was the hidden mission. The first day was honorable, Virginia listen! I...Read more

    Bridgette Hyde

    CEO Hydeouts Adventures

    I am so grateful for Virginia. Her gift helped me to see myself more clearly. This was the first time I was able to fully embrace the essence and uniqueness of who I am "The Nurturing Mother" and how I help my clients develop their "Inner Nurturing Mother". After working with Virginia my energy, language and business became more aligned with who I really am, which changed everything for me. Virginia's insight and creativity combined with her business acumen is really special. What she saw for...Read more

    Elicia Miller

    Core Emotional Healing Expert

    "I did some of the deepest work I had ever done in terms of my purpose and my message."Read more

    Françoise Everett

    Success Coach & Transformative Mentor Elegance. Business. Lifestyle.

    Dear Virginia, I just had to write to you today and let you know how much I enjoyed working with you on my Reverent Celebrations branding project. I was so amazed by your ability to turn a chat about my vision to magic on paper. I was able to work with the to-do-list you suggested and I gained great insight from your suggestions. My favorite thing of all was having my six month business plan hanging from ribbon in my office! You're delightful, insightful, brilliant and beautiful inside and...Read more

    Lisa Vieira

    Reverent Celebrations branding project

    I have worked with Virginia over the past year to craft a more clearly defined target audience and message for my acupuncture practice. She has many tools and approaches to get you to clearly define your "why" and the value of what you offer. This has allowed me to go beyond 'what problems I solve' to authentically communicate my story and my values so that potential patients connect with me and I attract the type of patients I love to work with. She'll push you go deeper and think bigger and I...Read more

    Karen Lang, LAc

    Dogwood Healing Arts

    Virginia's Transformative Power retreat was a mind and heart opening experience. It took me on a journey to get me in touch with limiting beliefs and fears that have been stopping me from opening up to all the possibilities. Through a powerful exercise, it guided me to become aware and acknowledge them so I could then begin the process of letting go.  I left the retreat with a clearer view of my gifts and how I can offer to the world in an authentic way.  I also reconnected to a deep sense of...Read more



    In Virginia's time at Merial I saw her elevate their trade show program to a level I would have never before thought possible. She loves pushing the envelope, the latest in high tech and creative solutions and always expects the highest quality with no excuses. She is a perfectionist, yet still realistic about goals. There has certainly been a special synergy between us on projects and the results have been remarkable. She is a change agent. She will push and fight any and all battles, both...Read more

    Ben Arritt

    3D Marketing Associates