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I am so grateful for working with Virginia! 

I am so grateful for working with Virginia!  Her sweet and honest spirit of wanting to help me see myself in a powerful light caused me to become SO EXCITED to meet with her every week! She helped me see myself in such a way that made me so speechless! To see myself as someone who is such a powerhouse, even made me react as if I was a stranger to myself! To see the transformation of my life since I was a little girl til now was a huge eye opener of what I am capable of! This information has strengthened my self-confidence, strengthened my career and strengthened my love for me! During our lasting meeting I saw a beautiful big black and yellow butterfly flying around us! This sign was confirmation of my transformative power which lies within me!  I recommend this program to every person who needs guidance on seeing themselves in a positive light in order to have an impact in every area of their lives! For the better!  Thank you again Virginia!

Precious Thomas 

 CEO/Founder Practical Dreamer LLC

  “From Stress to Success”

Precious Thomas