Use The transformative power oftour gift

Sharing the essence of your business, from the inside-out

Transformative Power®

Once your GIFT is in action, you activate its transformative power for yourself and the world. My Transformative Power® is a gift business consulting center, focused on creating strategic business models, communication and marketing tools that take into consideration the essence within. While it’s about creating the presence of your business in the world, it also takes into account the inner core of your business. The core is what makes the gift come alive, and your business then becomes the platform for your gift.

The type of consulting services include:

  • Strategy consulting
  • Growth development strategies
  • Communication strategies
  • How to build your message in a way that honors your gift
  • Marketing tools
  • Deep brand campaigns
  • Relational marketing campaigns
  • Transformational leadership development

Most of the needs for business organizations start with a strategic principle, whether it’s connecting the business with the clients, sharing the message authentically and with greater clarity, or deciding the growth team/structure or the platform/foundation. The gift form requires a different and innovative business model because it takes into consideration the core principles of the business and its interconnectedness with the outer world.

Business models I have created include:

  • The Why Matrix™: Articulates the “why” of the company
  • The Bridge of Communications™: How to build a bridge to communicate a message
  • The High Conscious Branding™: How to communicate powerfully and consciously
  • The Self-Actualized Brand: For entrepreneurs who are the platform of their business
  • Brand Authenticity: The difference between expression and impression