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I’ve never experienced anybody tapping into my heart mission so thoroughly.

Hiring Virginia was difficult for me because I too am a strategist. But I still needed a subject matter expert in marketing, promotion, and product launch to help me create a strategy and an action plan to guide my business mission. 

I was terribly busy strategizing the whole business that the additional focus, just a marketing strategy, was a hard task for me to complete. Speed was my number one goal but gaining expertise and knowledge was the hidden mission.

The first day was honorable, Virginia listen! I told her and showed her everything that I’ve put together to create this award winning concept of outdoor recreation. Virginia heard me. I’ve never experienced anybody tapping into my heart mission so thoroughly.

I don’t know if this is because the nature of my business is so community focused or just because Virginia is available for listening. But it’s not enough to just listen. I needed to go to the next level and she was capable of taking me there. 

In a short and efficient 4-5 days Virginia replied with a set of written documents that summarized my entire business in a way that I haven’t done prior. She was able to collect mounds of information and organize the message and vision on paper in a meaningful way that enables me to share the mission with a variety of audiences. 

These documents are now the springboard of my organization and tools for us to develop more plans, tactical and strategic. I knew I needed a strategist, a peer level strategist, and a subject matter expert in marketing and product launch and Virginia is probably my best hire to date. 

Thank goodness I did hire Virginia. I highly suggest you capture your opportunity to transform your business and communications, Virginia will help you get there!


A lot of professionals can do a lot of things for me, but Virginia is a cut above. Above all, Virginia was able to listen, understand, and hold tight to my mission. 

It was such a different experience. It wasn’t just me pushing and honoring my mission, she always held my mission tight, even when I got a little lost she redirected me to my true path

That alone wouldn’t be enough for me because I have an agenda to form my business and a need to communicate the business mission with others. Not only did Virginia see and hear my mission but also she is incredibly talented in organizing the materials and producing strategic communication materials for me to move the organization forward. 

I have hired many people to do this same thing and Virginia is the best, most talented, strategic communications expert that I have had the good fortune to influence my business growth. I give my highest recommendation for Virginia Nava and Transformative Power. 

She really does have transformative powers!

Bridgette Hyde
CEO of Hydeouts
A business in start-up