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Create with your Gifts

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March 22, 2022


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By Virginia Nava Hieger

In this part of the course, you will be creating with your gifts in a totally innovative way. Most of us have been taught to create with knowledge, based on what others have taught us. Somehow, along the way, we learned to believe that what others thought us was of the highest relevance and importance. We turn to books for answers and others for guidance, and while I love and value these resources myself, I think we can easily forget that WE are actually one of the biggest sources of our own creativity. In this course, I will give you access to the depth of your creativity; you will become the vessel of creation, so that greater creativity can come through you.

Co-creation is a humble act; it is the vulnerable act of sharing your imagination, your words, and your depth with others. Unlike other forms of creativity, this process will be transformative in nature since it will allow you to access your own inner resources to create—using your own wisdom, in service of your own life’s lessons and those of the rest of the world. This is what I call the thread of your wisdom, your inner wisdom trail.

In this section, you will learn:
-What are inner resources?
-Wisdom vs. knowledge
-What is a moment of truth?
-What are your own moments of truth?
-How do these moments of truth form an inner wisdom trail?
-The difference between creating from and creating through
-Learning to co-create
-How to access and acknowledge your own lessons and wisdom, and how to apply these tools to help you along your own journey and contribute to others journey’s.

When you remember your own creative power, you become one with your spirit. In this oneness, you become a vessel or vehicle, and you serve from a higher place. You came here to learn, and because of that, you are receiving lessons. A major part of the lesson is completing it, while another part of it is acknowledging it. Until you do so, this lesson may come many times. In the course of life, there are deeper lessons; when we acknowledge our wisdom and our inner resources, we can create from a deeper place.

This course is extremely important, because it impacts the way you lead, as well as the way you see yourself and your experiences. It helps provide a bigger picture of your life experiences and how their ultimate lesson is that they don’t stay with you because they can serve others as well. All of this makes you realize that this wisdom lives inside of you. Suddenly, you realize how preoccupied and distracted you have been, and what the world acknowledges as important. It gives you a higher vision for your life. It is a metaphor of the artist who has paint and colors, or a writer who has words, a speaker who has recognized her voice, or a leader with the tools to develop inner leadership in others.


Course Curriculum


  • Introduction

Section 1: Your Story

Section 2: Your Voice

Section 3: Self-acceptance

Section 4: Create with your gifts

Section 5: Inner Resources