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The Missing Link is The Meaning Link


This is a strategic workbook built with the purpose of asking questions that will allow you to create your own discovery and find your own gaps within your ability to communicate and articulate with clarity the meaning and purpose in a way that is relevant to another.



The Missing Link is The Meaning Link

While other areas of business can be replicated, the meaning that an Organization or Entrepreneur or Visionary creates with their product or service is the only aspect that can’t be replicated and the core value proposition and differentiation of the product.

As a business created with a deeper purpose and who are meaning centric organizations understanding how to create a brand with meaning is key.

Also understanding how to create a meaning exchange through the power of communication to develop the engagement is key.

And for organizations which are integrating customer centric experiences and find new ways to create meaning through communication this workbook is for you.

About the author

Virginia Nava Hieger has, since an early age, been fascinated with the importance of being yourself and authentic. When she was young and meeting with older people in her office, her dad said, “Just be yourself; it is a person just like you are.” Her mom also always said that the most important part of life is remaining true to your essence and yourself.

She wrote her first oratory piece at 13, focused on “Freedom” as living authentically in a world where there is external pressure to achieve and “fit into” social norms.  Click here to get a free copy of her speech.

Virginia became a transformational leader for various years, working in the field of international business – marketing, branding and transforming brand concepts and strategies into products and marketable ideas throughout the world, including Asia, Latin America and North America. She worked in various Fortune 500 companies including DuPont, Merck and Sanofi. Her travels helped her see the world in a much wider perspective; her exploratory spirit was given so much growth during these trips, and she now has many lasting friendships with the people she’s met along the way. Soon, transforming ideas, concepts, and strategies for companies became a self-transforming process.

Virginia is vibrant and fresh; she likes seeing everything through new eyes and has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. She jumped into the world of freedom by starting her company, Transformative Power. Her passion is to help both people and companies find meaning in their lives and organizations. Sharing her life lessons of transformation, as well as her own experience of transforming, became a strong calling that helped her move into a new transformative leadership role. Now it is a larger role that includes helping others find meaningful freedom by relying in their own inner Transformative Power.

Virginia’s passion is to collect stories of humanitarians in the world.  “Each of us has the power of being a humanitarian,” she says. “We just have to move from a self-oriented view of the world to an outer view of the world, realizing what our gift is to the world and how needed it is.” She uses her marketing and branding skills to tape record her own stories, and shares them with the world in her spare time.

She also believes that women and children need better opportunities to transform their lives. She finds stories about women making a difference and sharing how they are helping the transformation of the world. “Once you free yourself, then you are able to reconnect with your inner gift,” she says. “Now is time to live your gift and share it with others. We came to world to share our gifts with others, and it is in the form of the gift that the essence of what we do with our gift relies. It is in our daily actions and how we live our lives that we are able to show how we are using what was granted to us that is our gift to the world.”

Virginia is the author of The Transformative Guide to Meaningful Freedom, a guide to your journey of self-discovery, authenticity, wholeness and personal freedom. Once you have personal freedom and have reconnected with your spirit a guide, you begin to connect with the unique gift proposition that each one of us has to offer to the world. In that sense, she considers herself to be a “transformative guide;” she believes each one of us has their own transformative inner strength, and that we simply need the tools to reconnect with it and make decisions that let our light shine into the world. This decision relies on the individual to take the leap toward personal growth and transformation, and it requires courage and self-reliance.

Virginia recognizes that we need to add meaning to our freedom, since freedom needs to be guided to a higher purpose. Freedom is a gift that we can give our lives by being truthful and genuine, and when we attach to it the ability to share it with others, this is where we create the possibility to leave our mark in the world.

Welcome to a place of self-discovery, freedom, meaning…where you can re-unite with your wholeness, your unique-gift, and learn to share it with the world.