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Discover your Inner Gifts

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March 7, 2023



There is a difference between a talent, acquired knowledge, and an inner gift. An inner gift comes from within. It cannot be understood without practice. A gift comes from a deeper place of inner knowing and comes into reality as a transformative experience.

It is a process of deep inner connection. The power of an inner gift isn’t external. It is all an internal process. You know you’ve gone through it when it has moved from an idea or philosophy into a deeper inner knowing

Let’s consider, for example, an external smile versus an inner smile. A smile is the outer expression of your mouth moving outwardly. In contrast, an inner smile is the sensation of joy and happiness that you experience inside your being.



This course is the foundation, the cornerstone of your unique gift. It has been designed to be a unique experience for you. It includes tools to create an internal dialogue with yourself.

Here, you can gain access to 12 inner gifts. You just have to allow yourself the time to bring them into your life. These inner gifts are the roots of your gift. Even though their nature is universal, their unique expression belongs only to you.

Through this unique expression, you can have a deeper understanding of how you experience your gift.

Discover Your Inner Gifts includes:

  • Several inspirations give you access to a deeper understanding of what is a gift.
  • 12 inner gifts of inspiration and wisdom.
  • 12 inner gifts exercises and practices to bring these gifts into life.
  • Keys to wholeness.
  • The nourishers of your gifts:
    • Letters to your heart (love, self-compassion, impathy, and similar letters)
  • Receiving your inner gifts.
  • The vow, the decision to accept your gift.

Going through this process will forever transform the way you see life. You will start seeing life more deeply; you will access a deeper understanding of the importance of looking within for answers, and see how the only holder of the key to unlocking your gift is you. 

Within you, there is an inner guide, a place where you turn the light to your inner wisdom. Through the power of love, reflection, questions, journaling, and transformation, you will be able to receive the answers within.

This course is the deepest divine wisdom I have received in my journey for transformation. I call it a journey because I have been learning that it isn’t a beginning and an end. Instead, t is a circle that comes together in oneness and brings you to wholeness.

You are no longer a straight line. You become one and as you do this. The circle continues to expand, and then you start accessing deeper parts of yourself.

The depth you will experience will be yours to decide. It will be based on your stage of the journey and how deep your internal dialogue is. Don’t minimize the experience and judge what should it be. Give it 100% of your energy and let it flow naturally.

My experience connecting to my inner gifts

Discovering my inner gifts gave me back the connection to myself. It was the missing link I was looking for, the deeper fulfillment of coming back to myself. 

For a long time, I thought it existed outside, somewhere in a career, a title, or a goal. Yet, I was “missing myself.” I was missing my deeper understanding of what is in alignment with my highest good and what isn’t.

I asked questions, yet others did not often know the answer for me. This journey’s value is beyond words! It brings you the tools to ask deeper questions as you make choices and leads you into a direction and clarity through the remembrance that inside of you is a treasure—one that only you possess.

These divine inspirations, experiences, and insights have been captured for over six years. To me, they happened as a result of a particular experience. One that allowed me to find my inner power and my center. It also helped me navigate the complexity of the world and life. I could transform that into an experience of simplicity, love, and depth.

Who is this course for?

The Discover Your Inner Gifts is for: 

  • A curious person who wants to live a life in alignment with their deeper self. 
  • People who believe there is a higher power/source/God or is open to it. 
  • Those who have a deep desire to live a life where their gifts can be expressed and shared to make a difference in the world. 
  • A person who desires a life of freedom, courage, and genuine contribution.

You need to be willing to allow words of inspiration into your life and allow these words to transform you. You must be willing to feed your heart and soul. That’s because only this kind of person can realize that these aspects of life must be nourished, heard, and noticed. 

Why? Because they play a significant part in life choices and the personal mission that each of us has here on earth.

When you see your inner gifts, you will realize that most of what you are looking for in the world lives inside of you. Most of your fulfillment comes from a desire to take time for what truly matters to you in your heart. It also comes from the connection with what brings you joy and peace through alignment with your inner self.

Remember that before you can give, you must receive and acknowledge what has already been given to you.

Transform your life from within!

You may be wondering how to give a name to your gift. If that sounds like you, stay tuned throughout this unique university. 

Start with the strength and foundation of your inner gifts. Then, the name will come from your inner knowledge. As such, you will learn that this gift is coming from deep within you.

May you let your heart sing, and may you let your spirit guide you.
May you allow your mind and body to take you to the highest mountain.
May the gift you were born to receive, express, and leave behind become open and available to you, and to the world.

Find out more about what a gift is in this interview:


Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Inner Gift

Section 3: Inner Call and Yearnings

Section 4: Inner Compass

Section 5: Inner Commitment

Section 6: Inner Essence & Seed

Section 7: Inner Agreement

Section 8: Inner Noise

Section 9: Inner Peace

Section 10: Inner Love

Section 11: Inner Worth

Section 12: Inner Power

Bonus Section: Special Gift

Workbooks and Quizzes