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The key to living your life purpose isn’t money or something outside of you.

A lot of people have this mindset that in order to live their purpose something outside of themselves has to work perfectly, a certain amount of money in the bank or certain outer requirement. And this is based on the outer conditioning we have been part of. If you went to school and you got A’s you got a certificate, if you go to work and you get a paycheck or promotion or bonus you are doing great. People and society appreciate you if you achieve x.

Living with purpose is living with integrity with yourself. It is this sense that I love puppies then I am going to be around puppies and will do a business or a side-kick around puppies, it is a commitment with yourself and those you are here to serve whether that is puppies, people, a cause, an idea, an innovation.

The problem is that when the person is putting an outside force whether is money, someone else’s buy-in, etc. Then they are putting their power of achieving the purpose outside of the Self and instead of going inwardly to find the inner resources within the self to get it done.

The question instead is. What do I have now within myself to achieve my purpose? Say you want to spread an idea, well you may have a computer, a piece of paper to write, some connections, an email address, a social media account. Then you are ready to spread an idea, then you can write it, then you can have accountability buddies from your connections, then you may ask them if they know someone who is interested or you may google new connections, then you pick up the phone. This is how you achieve purpose, it is when you become the “vessel”, the “instrument” to bring your purpose to life.

Or you want to help puppies, then you are like ok I have 1 hour a weekend to do this, then you find an organization for puppies or puppies lovers or the type of puppies you want to work with. And so on, you get the idea. You “think” you need “x” to live your purpose, when you ask yourself what is the first step I need to create my purpose? you will find a totally different response. I wrote my first two books when I was pregnant several years ago, all I needed to start was a pen a pencil and a place to sit and write, I did every day Monday to Friday, then an editor, then a supporter, then x. All started with me, pen and paper which was a 5 dollar investment or less.

Live your purpose, impact the world with who you are and transform yourself into the gift you were born to be.