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The Greatest Gifts of All

The Greatest Gifts of All

By Virginia Nava Hieger

While we are in the middle of life experiences and challenges the biggest gifts we can receive is kindness, love and compassion. It is amazing the healing that a gentle smile, a kind hug, a beautiful note, a phone call can create, it for more a moment gives you hope, a glimpse of humanity, a glimpse of love.

Receiving love and kindness from a stranger in a time of sadness and need is indescribable; it’s like fuel that keeps on going, it’s this warm feeling that shields your heart and keeps you going in.

We are all healers, because we all have the capability to be love, to be kind, to be compassionate. We might have forgotten because maybe our heart has hardened, maybe we have felt hopeless, maybe we have felt hurt—but be open to receive love and be open to give love, because in this way you will heal yourself and the world.

We are all here waiting to make a difference in the world, complicating our lives to create the biggest project or to save to do it, or whichever story we tell ourselves. Yet there is an opportunity to make a difference in the world right now, in this moment, at this time, that doesn’t require a project plan, money, or anything. It requires you, your heart, your love, your compassion, your presence—for sometimes, less than one minute can impact someone’s life.  We don’t know what others’ trials are, what they are going through, their experiences, we often assume and we may never know. There is a human condition that above all gives us strength and that is the power of love, kindness and compassion.

Why have we forgotten the greatest power of all? Why have we lost touch with love inside of us and others, why are we not giving a priority to be love and teach love to our families, children and communities?

We need to return back to our original condition love and in this we will transform our inner world and we will transform the world around us, in love we will become the greatest gift of all.

May you be love, may you be willing to receive others act of kindness and love, may you stay compassionate even in the face of trial, may you be the light wherever you go, and may when you forget you choose again. May you remember love is who you are, who we are and may love heal you.

May the Divine presence of love sustain you as you go through life and you know that love is always there in a recognition. It is in a kind thought, a kind smile, a gentle touch, a loving act, is in the way you relate, is a way of being.

Be love, be kind, be compassion.