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The Calling of the Heart

By Virginia Nava Hieger / Bright Light

The calling of the heart feels deep inside, we can ignore it, try to tame it, pretend isn’t there yet we know it is there.

Sometimes the calling is far away as a whisper, we know the feeling, we are familiar, it feels close and comforting and sometimes is deeply assertive.

Answering the calling of the heart isn’t for the faint of heart, it is for those who are willing to listen.  It takes willingness and courage to listen to our heart when our mind may have decided a full path of how to do something. It is like someone who has all the stuff planned and over analyzed over and over in a sketch path to someone who is wise and says this way.

The way of the heart is a whisper, a whisper that requires for us to silence the world around us and the noise within us enough to listen, when this miracle spaces and instants happen we listen, this listening is a deep listening, so deep that goes within our spirit and soul, sometimes this listening isn’t a specific word, sometimes is a feeling, a knowing, a color, an image, sometimes a blueprint, sometimes an image,  for some is through movement, for some through admiration of nature or beauty, sometimes for some it comes through songs. We all have different ways in which we connect to our heart there isn’t one way or another and this is not the point. The listening of our heart is the depth of our connection to ourselves, it is the gateway to the depth of our being, the more we connect to our heart, the more connected with our to ourselves and the world around us.

The heart is the lead home. It is the GPS of our spirit and soul, it is the source of our wisdom.  The heart is the foundation of our wisdom, it isn’t necessarily the feelings, the feelings come afterwards, imagine a writer writing it has a pen, paper and words, there is something inside before the words come through into the paper with the pen, the pen really isn’t the instrument the instrument is the inspiration within, that is the space of the heart we need to listen in, to access.  It is the foundation of being the architect of our lives and the impact that we will construct through our every day life.

It is the foundation of the live we will leave behind when we are gone.

We are the voice of truth, we are the voice of love, we are the voice of peace, we are the voice of joy and it is hidden within, underneath our layers of protection and the key to reestablish this voice is going through our heart.  Listening to the areas of our life we need to heal, listening to the voice of inspiration, listening the voice of impact beyond ourselves.

Through grace we melt the barricades we build for self-protection into self-love, self-appreciation, self-listening, we need to learn how to listen to our hearts, how to listen to our soul, only through this learning we will exercise the power of choice and the power of freedom through our daily lives and we need to apply the tools consistently for this listening.

We need to reach-out intuitively to the people who are meant to help us transform and to nature and gifts around us that can lift our spirit through their own purity and pure alignment with the Creator.

The calling of the heart lies within and its power is beyond measure, its power doesn’t come from outcome it comes from in-come, it comes from within, it is the connection with Divine Love and it is the essence from which the force of creation comes through, it isn’t a creation from construct, it is a creation from essence, from who we are, it is where we can listen to what we were given by God as an assignment on this Earth to learn, to create, to experience, to teach. We all have our individual calling of the heart and areas of life to work on.  All of us were given our heart to go back to it, all of us were given willingness to go through it, it is work that we all must choose individually through our own free will only through free will we will be able to listen to our heart, that is the beauty of the gift of free will it is that only us can choose, the beauty of true freedom of experiencing our beautiful potential here on earth for a deeper connection with our Higher Self and also our possibility to impact another, impact of another has two folds one of deep humility knowing that the choice of another to be impacted is theirs and the choice to impact and contribute and bring to life what we were born to do while having the humility of letting go of the outcome such as the experience of another of our impact, or the perception of another from our impact, instead is an act of love, love in action and it is love that sustains this action, it is the source from where it comes from like a loving mother, it is self-sustaining through its own essence and through love.

The heart has depth, the soul has depth, the being has depth, when we access this we are able to utilize our body and our mind to help be in service of the depth, it is the being in service of the depth and it is when the call of the heart becomes activated into an act of contribution and impact, it is when we harmonize and we align within, when we learn the difference between creating and co-creating and when we learn that ultimately what we are creating is essentially being created and the essence is what purely will remain within the interaction with our creation and our being.  It is an act of pure connection within and creation and interaction of impact.

Our being being brought to life into our daily world, our essence becoming unwrapped, shared and contributed, our ability to connect within, our doing in alignment with the essence of being, a cross-collaboration from within to others, which opens the opportunity for essential connection and impact, the depth of impact and joy.

We are here to learn there is no such thing as perfect learning, there is learning.  Learning is the gift of not knowing or misperceiving to knowing and perceiving, it is beautiful in its gifts and brings jewels that will prepare our inner world to a deeper connection with our heart and soul, with our Creator, angels and supporters.

Our heart is calling, are we listening?

Our heart is calling, are we quietening the voices and connecting within?
The wisdom of our heart is awaiting our attention? Are we giving it?

Our heart is ready to serve are we there?
Our heart is ready to help us learn to live differently?

Our heart is ready to share what we need to heal.

Listen to the calling of the heart.

May your heart be your GPS

Follow the whisper of your heart.