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Responsibility and Freedom

By Virginia Nava Hieger

I have always had a hard time with the word responsibility. Somehow, this word felt so heavy for me, but now I have another perspective: With freedom comes responsibility, our responsibility to choose who we want to be in our lives, the impact that our interactions have on others, our choices. We are all connected, and one choice affects the other in a domino effect; while we live independently, we are part of a cosmos, of a society which it is part of us, we have an effect on each other. The greater effect is our love for ourselves and others, our joy, our harmony, our inner peace.

May we remember that with freedom there comes responsibility and may we find the wisdom to seek Divine support to choose. May we become responsible for our freedom not from a place of guilt or judgment, but from a place of love, kindness and compassion for one another. May this responsibility impact our life in unimaginable ways as well as others’ lives, since we no longer blame others for our choices or ups and downs. Let us come to one of the most free points in our lives one, in which we own our lives choices, and then we become free to be who we were born to be, free to surrender to God’s divine will in full free will, owning our choice to live in Divine alignment with God in our lives.

May we experience a new kind of freedom—the freedom to choose and own our choices.