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The purpose clock is ticking


By Virginia Nava Hieger

Just as my biological clock was ticking few years ago, my purpose clock is ticking, too. It’s come to a point where there is a strong inner knowing that it’s time to really live my purpose. I sometimes joke that I was on an extended “purpose vacation,” almost like a bear in hibernation, and it was finally time to come out and do what I was meant to do. I’ve received many such calls during my lifetime, but this call was somehow more intense. Like it was screaming, “Hey, you!”

So, what does it mean when your purpose clock is ticking? To me, it means that it’s time to be you, to be in alignment with your truth, to let go. It’s time to bring about a major renovation, to share and to serve.

Does it have a timeframe, like a reproductive clock? I don’t think so. I think everyone has an inner knowing when its time has come.

You can no longer be what you once were.

It’s finally time to find the courage to be you. To shine, and be free.