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Can a Personal Development Coach Lead You to Success?

A forked road with beautiful green bushes. Which way to chose? A personal development coach can help

“The purpose of life is to discover your gift.
The work of life is to develop it.
The meaning of life is to give your gift away.”
Viscott David.

Why do we wake up every morning? It might sound like a trivial question to ask. Even more, the idea of contacting a personal development coach to think about that. Yet, we don’t ask ourselves this question that much. And, more often than not, an external point of view can help you find the courage inside you.

Take Grace’s situation as an example. Even though she didn’t find herself using Virginia’s guide, her situation is a good one to illustrate how we can tap our inner light and shine.

She is a very passionate and talented young woman who invested her life in cinematography. She would take any job in this industry despite the low pay. Why did she endure that situation? Because she wanted to produce her movie to send a meaningful message to the world.

After the years, she learned a lot about her career. Indeed, she had accumulated extensive knowledge of how to produce a movie. However, she hadn’t done anything for her project beyond scattered notes on her notepad. What happened to her? 

What a personal development coach does

As time passed, she started to doubt herself. She couldn’t find a meaningful reason to keep working on her projects. Inside her, she knew something was off but couldn’t tell what it was.

That’s when she decided to seek advice and the guidance of a personal development coach. After some sessions, she realized that wisdom watches the inevitable as evitable. That all the obstacles she was afraid of were only in her perception.

It was true for her, and it is also true for us. Our perception can trick us into believing we can’t do something. Sometimes, we even think we don’t deserve this and that, which freezes us and prevents us from taking the next move.

At that time, we may use a different point of view or another way to approach the situation. A personal life coach would ask you key questions to help you realize your strengths and weaknesses. 

That is, personal development will help you identify the resources within yourself. In your seeking for meaning, a coach eases this process of recognizing the gifts living within you.

That’s what Virginia calls “Your Gift Journey.” This journey is a process that helps you connect with your inner gifts and use them for a meaningful purpose. It gives you a chance to reconnect with your true essence.

Connecting with your true self to succeed

In conversations about personal development, words like purpose, meaning, gift, and essence may come into play. What do they mean? What do they have to do with success and your true self?

While the purpose is what you want to achieve, the meaning is the reason behind daily activities. Following Grace’s example, she wanted to make a movie with a strong message. And the meaning? She wanted to contribute to building a better world.

But she was disconnected from her essence, detached from who she truly is, separated from her true self. We connect with it when we inquire about who we are or why we are here. The answers to those questions are deep inside you.

Once you explore yourself, you will identify and reconnect with your gifts to use them consciously for your meaningful purpose. You don’t have to go into all of that by yourself. 

When you use personal life coaching services, you will count on expert advice from a qualified coach. You will receive guidance and an actionable roadmap you can use to craft your path to success. 

What’s the next step? 

When we connect with our essence, a desire to share our gifts emerges. Suddenly, we feel we can’t keep our gifts for ourselves because we want to share them with others. 

That call stems spontaneously. When it happens, we feel the urge to share it. By doing so, we can feel the joy of being alive. Without notice, the frontiers between us and the world start to fall, and an openness and courage to share more of us arise.

At that point, we found a renewed sense of courage and self-acceptance. This confidence leads us to look at ways to align ourselves with our choices and wholeness.

When you discover your gift inside of you, you find meaning. Now, you are ready to make a difference in your community with it.

In the end, Grace found the confidence to start her movie and work on it. She had a calling and purpose but disconnected from her gifts. After realizing she had the resources to surpass any obstacle on her way, she felt confident again and good about herself and the activities she was doing, especially making movies.

If you are in a similar situation to Grace’s, maybe you can enjoy having a personal development coach on your side. Perhaps, you can discover your gift with Virginia’s guidance and reconnect with the unique meaning of your life that you choose for it. You can set up a complimentary call to share your questions about this topic. Thanks!