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Meaning in Moments, a Way to Find Magic in Life

Father and a child sharing meaning in moments together by walking a wood road on a forest

Meaning in moments
By Virginia Nava Hieger

The miracle of life happens in a series of moments, which together give you the gift of warmth, joy, and love.

When meaning is happening in a moment, it makes you realize that it takes you to be “in the moment,” and more available to meaning. You are not “doing” a moment, you are “being” in it.

You can experience the bliss of being present in anything you do. From having a walk through the forest while listening to the water running down and birds chirping to doing daily tasks.

When you shift your mind from “doing” to “being”, living is no anymore about the results you may get with your actions. Instead, it becomes a way to enjoy your inner reality through everyday habits.

Appreciating these moments, and being present, is the only way to have sparks of joy in life. Happiness is not in the past or the future. It happens now, each time you express your inner self through actions.

Having a strong relationship with oneself, getting to know yourself, is key. Without it, uncovering which actions will make you feel joy is challenging. You want to become your best friend, be compassionate with yourself, and find meaning in moments.

Being there makes you feel like time stops. Your mind is quiet and your attention is fully focused on the task at hand. You can’t have enough of it, so you feel enthusiastic about keeping going on it.

Give up the illusion of control. You are here to be, to express who you are. Remember, life is not a riddle to be solved, but a mystery to be lived.

May you find the magic of meaning in being in the moment–experiencing it in your whole being, so that it may transform into a memory that will always live within you. May the moment never escape you.