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How Keeping a Work Journal Can Help You?

A glass with colored pencils and a notebook ready to start a new work journal

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.
Bernard Baruch.

Do you feel like you got stuck at some moment in your life? It is not like something wrong is happening to you. After all, every aspect of your life seems fine, yet something is still missing. What is that? Journal prompts for work will help you explore how you feel with your daily cores.

The reason behind your uneasiness is lying deep inside of you. To uncover it, you have to dive into your inner reality. Journaling is a great way to do such a thing. That’s what Bill did to deal with his feelings of discomfort.

How journal prompts helped Bill understand his feelings

When Bill first heard about journal prompts in general, or journal prompts for work, he doubted their helpfulness. Nonetheless, he had nothing to lose, so he tried. 

Once he had written enough to see patterns, the discoveries surprised him and made him feel good. Getting that “aha!” moment over a personal trait is profoundly rewarding. Realizing why you did that at the time or what kind of activities you enjoy the most is very pleasant.

That happened to Bill. Then, he learned that he didn’t have bad feelings toward his job or himself. The uneasiness was due to the inability to express his gifts, talents, skills, and strengths as much as he wanted.

After watching his thoughts and expressing them through journaling, he decided to make a shift in his life. He was honest with him and realized that programming wouldn’t satisfy his inner self. 

Instead, he wanted to create a business based on his photography and video editing hobbies. So, he kept programming and, at the same time, was setting his business structure.

As time passed, he wrote about his feelings coming from his programming job and those from his personal business. Thanks to this, he understood that making a shift in his life was the right choice.

That’s the power of journal prompts! You can explore your feelings, build a relationship with yourself, and learn more about what you enjoy the most.

That’s what Bill did. He is still programming. Yet, as his personal business flourishes, he is considering switching from his job to dedicate more time to taking pictures and editing videos.  

Journal prompts for work and daily activities

Because we spend most of our time securing the means for a living, understanding how we feel about it is crucial. Realizing what moved you to choose certain activities over others is very revealing, just like what happened to Bill. 

What you do, why you do it, and how you feel when doing it will help identify opportunities to feel better about yourself. These prompts might help you with that:

  1. How do I express my personal gifts, skills, strengths, and talents at work?
  2. Do my personal gifts, skills, strengths, and talents get recognition at work? Why?
  3. Is my actual work aligned with my inner calling?
  4. Do I enjoy what I do? Why is that?
  5. Does my work bring meaning to my life?
  6. Am I willing to keep doing what I do today for over a decade?
  7. What are my ambitions? Does my actual work align with them?
  8. Does what I do daily make me want more of it?
  9. Do I lose track of time when doing my daily activities?
  10. What have I learned from my work about myself?
  11. What does your work provoke in you? Feelings of burnout? Overwhelmed? Joyful? Blissful? Why is that?
  12. What do I love the most about my work? What do I dislike the most? Why?
  13. Do I want to do something different than what I am doing today? Why?

Final words

Being honest with yourself is tough, but the pleasant feeling that comes with it is worth the effort. Bill, for example, had the chance to know himself better and understand what he wanted in life.

He discovered his current job wouldn’t fill his longing for expressing his inner self. After some soul research, he realized he could express his feelings better through photography and video editing. Making that shift in life is challenging, yet it is not impossible. If you are experiencing a similar situation and would want someone to guide you, please let’s talk. We can set up a complimentary call to discuss this further. May you find the light that guides your path.