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Journal Prompts for Relationships and Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can use journal prompts for relationships and strengthen bonds like this team shake a high five.

If you believe a business is built on relationships, make building them your business..
Scott Stratten.

As human beings, we need healthy relationships in our lives. For entrepreneurs, they are the most significant element of their business. Every changemaker, difference maker, trailblazer, and innovator wants people around them to see the future they envision. Journal prompts for relationships are great tools for this.

These journal prompts will get you started with observing how you relate with others around you. Why is this important? The better you know yourself, the more successful you will be at delivering your brand’s message to the market.

When you understand what emotions, thoughts, sensations, and hunches you get from your daily relationships, you allow yourself to explore them, express them, and leave you with a pleasant feeling. 

Imagine how easy and joyful your life would be by approaching each day from a clear state of mind. Instead of reacting to daily situations, you become an observer of your inner reality and can identify the source of your emotions.

As a result, you will feel good about yourself, and people around you will feel naturally attracted to spend time with you. 

Entrepreneurs will find this convenient, especially people like you who want to make a difference in the world and build a community. Part of the challenge is connecting with the right people, with those who can see your vision as you see it.

Journal prompts for relationships

Since we tend to open up more with our closest relationships, those can tell us more about the feelings and emotions we experience with them. In the end, we want to know more about ourselves and understand how we feel and why. 

From this deep understanding, entrepreneurs like you can identify personal traits they can express through a brand. For example, someone who values honesty in relationships might feel good being honest with employees, partners, and clients.

That’s how you bring yourself to your business. Hopefully, these prompts will get you started to delve into your inner reality:

  1. When I am dealing with difficult situations, who do I trust? Why?
  2. Which of my strengths do I tend to use more in my relationships?
  3. What emotions emerge when I spend time with people close to me?
  4. What’s the most valuable aspect of my dearest relationships?
  5. How do I show compassion to people around me? Do I do the same for myself?
  6. What do I usually value in a partner? What does this tell about me?
  7. How are my relationships going on? List three things you think are working and three things you want to change.
  8. What lessons have I learned from previous business relationships?
  9. What opportunities do I have to set boundaries in my business relationships?
  10. What life lessons can I share with my allies or collaborators to boost productivity?
  11. Do I feel like other allies or collaborators share my business vision?
  12. What am I willing to do to support my allies or collaborators? What does it say about me?
  13. What do I want to say to my allies or collaborators but don’t dare to? Why do I feel like that?

Final words

One of the main traits an entrepreneur wants is the ability to connect with others. We make those bonds through emotions and feelings. So, the better we understand our emotions and relationships, the easier we can create meaningful experiences.

These journal prompts will serve as a starting point. Yet, there is even more out there to explore about this topic. Have you tried to build a community around your brand before with unexpected results? If so, you might find value in Your Gift Journey. Within this program, you will uncover your gifts, talents, strengths, and skills, learn how to create something new out of them, and get relevant strategies to share your creations in the market. How does that sound? If you would like to, let’s have a complimentary call to talk things further, or simply message me.