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Journal Prompts to Get to Know Yourself

A magnifying glass over colored papers which represents journal prompts to get to know yourself

To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and joy underneath the pain, is freedom, salvation, enlightenment..”
Eckhart Tolle.

How would you describe yourself? What would you say to persuade someone to see you as a fascinating human being? More often than not, we ignore critical aspects of our personal traits and strengths. Using journal prompts to get to know yourself is a good strategy for diving into your inner reality.

As journaling becomes a habit, you will find yourself more comfortable sharing your personal traits and connecting with meaningful people. 

That’s the natural consequence of keeping a journal. However, the most important benefit you get from it is peace of mind. Indeed, we are better off when we express our emotions. So, journaling is a great opportunity to wind up emotions.

By the way, keeping a journal is different from keeping a diary. It is quite different writing about your daily activities than writing to explore your thoughts and emotions. 

Some people use the same notebook as a diary and a journal. Others have them separately. In any case, go for whatever feels comfortable to you.

Having said that, let’s explore some prompts to get to know yourself.

Journal prompts and self-discovery

Journaling is one of those activities you can do to spend quality time with yourself. Just like you would set time aside to hang out with a friend, you also want to do the same for yourself.

Even though these are weekly journal prompts, pick the time and frequency that best works for you. See these prompts as a guide on what to ask yourself. 

If you think that spending 15 minutes a week exploring yourself is feasible for you, then go for it. You can also choose a weekly topic and write about it daily or ask yourself different questions related to the topic at hand. It is all up to you.

As long as you keep journaling, you will have a chance to compare what you wrote in the past and how you feel about it today. That’s pretty refreshing and revealing!

For your convenience, the journal prompts go into 4 categories: self-reflection, relationships, personal interests, and work. 


Journal prompts for:

  • Self-reflection
  • Relationships
  • Personal interests
  • Work and daily activities

Final words

Using journal prompts to get to know yourself can be challenging at first. However, it gets better the more you do it. As you keep journaling, you will start to see a pattern in your behavior, decisions, desires, thoughts, and emotions.

Indeed, that’s the whole point of journaling. You can start that journey by using these prompts. Yet, it requires discipline and perseverance to keep on it. 

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