How to find your purpose?

By Virginia Nava Hieger

Are you out there? Trying to find your purpose? Maybe you have tried before, maybe you are still trying.

I find that finding your purpose can be tricky for some because we have been taught all this outer formulas of success, from the way we go to school to be taught how to build our career. In many ways a part of the process of work and purpose gets disconnected since we go to school and life. That part is the integral part of purpose YOU.

The integral question before finding your purpose is Who are you? then Why are you here? or the best way to express it is how are you going to put who you are into purpose that both includes you and others. The real critical formula is be seen, heard and serve with who you are.

It was many years ago that I was looking for the integration of meaningful work, I love what I did however I wanted a bigger purpose for what I did. Then I came to the realization that all the answers I was looking for where inside of me, that I needed to have a deeper relationship with myself and not one that was at a retreat once a year or over the weekend, a continuous relationship with me.

I know teach you how to do this, some people are afraid of going within because they are too familiar of having a relationship with their inner critic and they feel uncomfortable with doing this, there is more to our inner world that our inner critic, there is our inner knowing, our inner wisdom a part of us that connect us deep with ourselves, our heart and what brings us joy. When we go back to this part we can start creating a peaceful space for connection and listening to who we are and reconnect with our essential qualities.

Our essence is the key to alignment. For example if your essence is to be a compassionate person but you are always surrounded by difficult circumstances and environments you may need to rebalance your environment to nourish your essence. If you are a introvert you may get burned out in large extravertive groups and you may function better in certain kinds of careers and environments.

Reconnecting with who you are, creating a practice to connect with yourself, allowing yourself to rediscover who you are, allowing yourself to express what you would love and then putting in place your creativity to create a life purpose structure to live a life where you can be you, be seen, be heard and be of service.