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How to Create Strong Brand Messaging That Sells?

A set of elements, like color and other design items, that are part of brand messaging

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.
John Lennon.

Building a brand can be overwhelming at times. There are many things to pay attention to and involves lots of dedication and resources. Yet, sometimes it seems like that hardworking is not paying off. What can you do? Getting clearer brand messaging is a great option.

Most people building a brand is looking for getting a strong and consistent message that connects with the right client. But being successful at it can be cumbersome. The main reason people won’t get the results they desire is a focus on the external world.

This might sound odd to you. After all, clients are in the external world, right? The thing is that the external world is a reflection of your inner reality. When you put yourself on your brand, it is easier for your audience to connect with you.

In the end, people are striving for real human connections, and that only happens through emotions. Have a look at Apple and Coca-Cola. They don’t sell devices and carbonated drinks. They sell the chance to belong to an elite community (Apple) and feel good moments with family (Coca-Cola).

In other words, people don’t buy the thing, but the satisfaction they think they will get after using the thing. So, understanding yourself, your audience, and your team is very important for brand messaging.

What you are looking for is to align your goals with everyone interacting with your brand. You want true human connections, just like your audience and your team may too. That’s what it means to work on meaningful brand messaging.

The inside-out process of building a brand messaging

For that, you need to do some inner work first, that is, an inside-out process. That’s also the keystone of creating a meaningful business. For now, let’s focus on brand messaging.

Have you ever experienced the excitement coming from other people when they talk about their passions? It seems like they have sparkling eyes. Also, their face is full of light and compels you to keep listening to them.

There is no way they can fake those emotions. In fact, it is pleasing to listen to them because something within us tells us they are talking out of their heart. When you love something, sharing it comes as the natural thing to do.

Well, you can do the same with your brand messaging too! You just have to connect with the why of your vision. Once there, you will have enough material to build up the elements of a strong brand messaging, one that connects and sells.

Elements of a strong brand messaging

Clear and strong brand messaging can be a reality for you. To get there, you need to connect with your inner self and discover your gifts. That’s the foundation of the content you will use to fill up its elements. 

This very content comes from answering the question why do I do this? Why does my team collaborate with me? Why would people buy my brand?  Once you have done the needed inner work, you can tell what drives you and get a better idea of what people might expect from you.

Now you are ready to brainstorm ideas to describe the elements of your brand messaging. Let’s describe them briefly.

1. Mission

This is a short statement of what your brand does. One or two sentences are enough to summarize the why of your brand.

2. Vision

Your vision is an imaginative statement that sees what your brand will be in the future. It has to do with the impact you want to bring to the world. It is deeply rooted in your why,

3. Values and principles

Your values and principles serve as a guide for your making-decision process to guarantee you fulfill your vision. They function as a map to bring your brand from where it is to where you want it to be.

4. Positioning statement

This statement should take into account your industry, your audience, and your brand’s promise (what they will get from buying it). It should answer the what, who, and how of your brand.

5. Differentiators

What makes your brand apart from your competitors? What’s so special about you and your brand? You may want to get 3 or 4 reasons why people would buy from you instead of from your competition.

6. Value proposition

It is about what your customer will get from your brand. In the case of Apple, they give their customer a place to belong and feel unique. Also, it has to do with what your team gets from working with you.

7. Voice

It’s the way your brand expresses the message. It should be aligned with your why, the other elements of brand messaging, and the personality of your brand. In the end, you want to be consistent.

8. Slogan

This is a sticky short tagline that declares what people will get from your brand. It is like a warcry if you will. Think about ‘Just do it’ or ‘I’m lovin’ it’. They go straight to the point and convey an emotional message.

9. Pitch elevator

What would you say about your brand to convince people that’s what they need? That’s what a pitch elevator is. Its name comes from the idea of selling your brand while using the elevator.

In short…

A clear and strong brand messaging that connects and sells can only come from the alignment between you, your audience, and your team. Since you are the cornerstone of your brand, knowing your inner gifts and your why is key to creating such a message.

From there, you can build up the elements of the brand messaging and get the results you expect. More importantly, you will be expressing your inner self and experiencing the bliss that comes from working on a meaningful purpose, your purpose.

We can build your brand together to create, change or upgrade your brand messaging using inside-out methods I have developed through the years. For this, we can do a complimentary call to discuss things and get to know each other. Are you in?