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Share your Gifts
Available in December 2022


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By Virginia Nava Hieger

A gift hasn’t completed its function until it is received, opened and shared.
Sharing has been misunderstood as an act of self-aggrandizement, but it has a greater depth. In this course, sharing comes from the knowledge that the lessons you’ve learned aren’t yours to keep, because they aren’t for you alone. Sharing is an act of service versus an act of self-service; it inherently has a higher intention.

Sharing comes with the realization that even though it may be scary to show your authentic whole-self to the world, it isn’t only about you. It is about something bigger than you; it is in sharing that you realize this will help others, including those long after your lifetime. It is also in honor of those before you.

The goals of this course are to help you understand:
-What is sharing?
-Your Gift isn’t about you, it is about all of us.
-Each one of our unique voices matters: You have a voice that is only yours, and this voice is the power of connecting with humanity to support others with your unique gift. Until you understand your voice, you won’t understand the value of sharing it.
-The Gift of contribution is available to you through sharing.
-Your authentic self-expression liberates you and others.
A small creative project to share your unique voice and give you access to it will include the following elements: Your own style, love for yourself and humanity, and alignment with your true self. The key for completing the project is to share it with at least one person to whom it may serve a higher purpose.



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Available in December 2022”

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