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Discover Your Inner Gift




There is a difference between a talent, acquired knowledge, and an inner gift. An inner gift comes from within; it cannot be understood without practice, comes from a deeper place of an inner knowing, and comes into reality as a transformative experience. It is a process of deep inner connection. The power of an inner gift is that it isn’t external, it is all an internal process. You know you have gone through it when it has moved from an idea or philosophy into a “deeper inner knowing.” Let’s consider, for example, an external smile versus an inner smile: A smile is the outer expression of your mouth moving outwardly, while an inner smile is the sensation of joy and happiness that you experience inside your being.

This course is the foundation, the cornerstone of your unique gift. It has been designed to be a unique experience for you, and includes tools to create your own personal internal dialogue. Here, you can gain access to 12 inner gifts that are available to you, if only you allow yourself the time to bring them into your life. These inner gifts are the roots of your GIFT; even though they are universal in nature, their unique expression belongs only to you, and it is through this unique expression that you can have a deeper understanding of this unique expression of your gift.

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