“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

Jennifer Lee.

Being a difference maker, changemaker, trailblazer, entrepreneur, or visionary can be very rewarding and tough at the same time. Rewarding because you’re doing something to change the world. Tough when the loneliness and the sting of criticism reach you.

When that happens, you may find yourself without motivation. How can you light your soul on fire? What’s that thing that fuels you with lots of energy? If you are feeling overwhelmed right now, chances are there’s a misalignment between your essence and what you do.

It can also happen that you already know what moves your soul, and run entrepreneurship around it, but nobody’s listening to you. What’s happening? Is it your vision… or you? Not at all. You and your vision are great as they are. What’s the issue here then?

Virginia Nava's selfie where she appears smiling because she is sharing your gift .

Do you want to know?

I bet you do, and that’s why I am offering the Business with Purpose Program to people like you. Today is a great time to take the first step to impacting the world with your gift. To make a difference in the world, we have to know ourselves first. 

Within this program, I will ask you key questions to understand where you are and where you want to be. From there, I will guide you to uncover your inner gifts and talents. You will learn how to use them to integrate your personal life with your business. 

Transform the way you strive every day so that it works for your life and business. Go through an inside-out process to claim the inner tools lying within you to lead yourself, and experience the bliss of expressing who you are.

Start today! Ready for a special VIP Day with me?

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Some accomplishments

I have a passion to support business owners who have the desire to make a difference in the world while in alignment with who they are and using their inner tools. 

In addition, I am a natural strategist advisor and a marketing communication expert who shaped some skills by:

  • Creating the Transformative Power Strategic Roadmap Model. Its purpose is to bring the vision alive through the unique voice of the organization, aligned with the core audience structure, tools, and campaigns that use visibility to maintain the vision and serve the audience.
  • Writing books strategic e-workbook such as The Missing Link is The Meaning Link, which offers a unique methodology on how to address the problem of differentiation and brand value by centering the message on the why of people like or meaningful organizations.
  • Helping businesses and leaders with personal transformation and business development, assisting them in developing strong value propositions and business relationships as well.

In my journey, I have had the chance to:

  • Create a marketing communication strategy to reach an international audience in North America, Latin America, and Asia through a case-study campaign and strategic actions, working with a multicultural team that helped build an international brand worth $21M for a global Fortune 500 company.
  • Participate as a Board Chair of North Fulton Beautiful Environmental Organization. During this time, I led the board to the creation of a strategic plan and roadmap for the organization, leveraging their different capabilities and balancing their short-term and long-term needs as well as diversifying the different needs for the organization.
  • Play an important role as a strategic marketing consultant for a large non-profit in Atlanta, an organization with 4,600 members around the world. There, I collaborated with the board of directors and VP of Marketing to build their marketing communications tools.
  • Work on customized programs to address unique team working.

To sum it all up

My experience spans 25 years of strategic marketing expertise working with Fortune Global 500 companies like DuPont, Sanofi, Merial, non-profits, start-ups, and mid-size businesses.

Yet, I would still feel something was missing. After some inner work, I realized I was craving a more integrated life. I was longing for a connection between who I am and what I do. 

Over the years, I was able to find tools that helped me blend my personal life with my professional career. And that’s what I am willing to share with you. 

Are you up to the challenge?

Yes, count me in. I want to schedule:

Someone is thinking about personal coaching and its impact while sitting on the edge of a lake dock surrounded by mountains

Program outline

By choosing to participate in my Business with Purpose Program, you will get:

    • 1 VIP Day:
      • 8 hours of strategy sessions by phone or zoom. 
      • Worksheet with tools to connect with your inner gifts and talents.
      • A roadmap to get you from where you are to where you want to be.
      • Strategies to price what you do.
    • 3 VIP Days:
      • Everything you would get from 1 VIP Day.
      • 24 hours of strategy sessions by phone or zoom. 
      • Tools to transform your inspiration and vision into meaningful actions for you and your business calling. 

Is this program for you?

This Business with Purpose Program is for you if:

  • You want to connect with your heart and align with your soul purpose and business.
  • You are willing to harness your inspiration to turn it into actions.
  • You are looking for creating an inspired message that connects with people.
  • You are craving alignment, joy, and flow between who you are and what you do.
  • You are longing for an authentic brand message that stems from your inner self.
  • You wish for less control, more flexibility and flow, spaciousness, color, living less rushed, and self-care while making a living at the same time.
  • You desire to transform your inspiration into a business roadmap.
  • You are feeling something is off and you are ready to do something about it.
  • You have tried everything else without the results you want.

How does the Business with Purpose Program work?

The whole process goes like this:

  1. You claim your spot for 1 VIP Day or 3 VIP Days to participate in the
    Business with Purpose Program.
  2. You sign a client agreement.
  3. You make a payment for the value you are about to get.
  4. You decide the frequency of our meetings (full-day or weekly meetings).
  5. You spend time doing the personalized exercises I will craft for you.
  6. We create a roadmap together.
  7. You implement that roadmap in your life and business.

What will you get?

By going through the Business with Purpose Program you will get:

  1. Inspired action accountability for the commitment you make with yourself.
  2. Mind maps describing your actual situation and your desired outcome.
  3. A summary of all the content we cover during the program.

Stop ignoring your inspiration. 

The time is now to help transform the world.

Live Inspired. Create a life and business that inspires you.

Transform your unique potential into impact.

Life is too short to fit in. We are meant to stand-out.


Thank you for being here.

You are meant to live a life that is inspired, balanced, filled with purpose and aligned with who you are.

I have a long story to tell. The quick version is I lived my life working for Corporate for over 15 years then I became an entrepreneur and during that time I learned valuable lessons.

Valuable Lesson #1

  • What want is inside.
  • It is what I call gifts (our talents, abilities, unique perspective, story)
  • What we need is to learn to connect with ourselves so that we can bring these gifts to life. 
Valuable Lesson #2
  • What we need is also to learn to transform the way we think and operate so we stop operating from our old patterns (perfectionism, non-good enough, etc)

Valuable Lesson #3

  • A lot of us think personal development has nothing to do with business and most people do their personal vision disconnected with their business.
  • Personal development has everything to do with business. Because we take ourselves to work.
  • We are taught to disconnect from ourselves and our business life and that is why we live unaligned and we long for more meaning and purpose. However, that it doesn’t have to be that way and that we can live a life with deep meaning and contribution and that our businesses are a tool to do this.
  • Business is a vehicle for freedom, self-expression, meaning and it can be a tool for us to make a difference in our lives and others lives. If we learn to connect our gifts, story, deeper purpose with it.




Virginia Nava is grinning, just like she always does in her coaching session. She is using an orange shirt.

There is only one you. And that is your superpower.
And with this superpower comes the opportunity to make a difference.

We are all at different stages in our journey.

Are you an explorer?

Are you in the stage of exploration and discovery?

Do you have a burning desire to make a difference in the world but you don’t know how?

Do you need help regaining clarity of your next steps? 

Maybe you are re-inventing yourself, transitioning or finally stepping into the impact you know you were born to make. You are at the right place.

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transformative power

Are you a difference maker? 

Are you in the stage of making a difference?

You are already making a difference in the world, yet it feels exhausting, there is so much to do. Do you need help with crafting a powerful message, getting your next level business model and tools? Do you find that you need to step up in your mindset and the perfectionism that creeps in and also how to deal with the rejection or impact of putting energy every day?
Do you want to do this in ways that feel in alignment with who you are and what your mission is?
Do you feel sometimes people don’t get your mission and they try to put you into a box and their own formula instead of your own?

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A woman holding a notebook with the word "excellence" on it, a way to overcome perfectionism

Are you a legacy maker?

Are you in the stage of leaving a legacy?

Have you done it all, you have the credentials, the outcomes, the everything. And you know that you have knowledge, ideas to leave behind so that others benefit from it.
Whether you are creating a book, a non-profit, a speech, something to leave behind.
Do you need help making this happen. You know life is to precious to die with the music inside (quote from Wayne Dyer)
You know life is too precious to keep the gift of your lessons and experiences to yourself, so you are ready to get this rolling or get this legacy to the next level.
And you need a coach, consultant, accountability to get you to the next level.

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A sprout coming out from hardships. Something life and business coach do to help people

There are five core stages

Who are you? 

What are your gifts?

What is your story?

What are your patterns?

What is your vision?

What is your deeper why?

What is your aligned roadmap with your unique strengths and gifts?

What is your key inspired action and how this connects to your gifts?

What stops you from doing it?