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The Time is Now

  The time is now to bring our gifts to life. Virginia Nava Yes, the time is now—not later, not …

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Learning is Freedom

We live in a society that is apprehensive about failing. We have many mechanisms to achieve success, from how we …

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The Mystery of Life

The Mystery of Life By Virginia Nava Hieger From time to time life throws you curve balls, unexpected miracles, synchronicities, …

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Meaning in Moments

Meaning in Moments By Virginia Nava Hieger The miracle of life happens in a series of moments, which together give …

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Coming back to wholeness is an act of self-love

Coming back to wholeness is an act of self-love By Virginia Nava Hieger In a society where we are bombarded …

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Surrendering to love a conscious choice

This year I have been learning to surrender to love. There are times where I have no control over a …

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Don’t box your GIFT—instead, wrap it in a bow of unlimited possibility

We are taught to put things in boxes and to choose labels. We are constantly labeling ourselves, the world around …

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