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I am Virginia, a GIFT guide, a writer of Divine Inspirations, a sharer of lessons received during my GIFT journey, a transformer and a strategist that brings the spirit and heart of an inspiration into form.

I am here to inspire the message that a GIFT is inside and to serve those who have stepped into their GIFT journey and have made a decision to choose their spirit within.

For those at the beginning of the journey, I help them unwrap themselves from the boxes and labels they have acquired which may cause them confusion about what is their GIFT. I do this through a creative process of Unmasking the spirit within. The mask clients create gives them an inner map.

I have created a learner to learner school program called Your GIFT Journey in which people can come and learn the true nature of a GIFT, the formless aspect of a GIFT that I call the inner GIFTs.

I have created a company Transformative Power® which focuses on helping those who have chosen their GIFT and created a business with the objective of serving, sharing and contributing what they received. Transformative Power® clients vary in nature, they can be: visionaries, innovators, inspirational writers and speakers, creatives transformational leaders, social enterprises, non-profit organizations.

Each of this platforms have different functions however all unite in one. The GIFT mindset: its God Given, it comes from inside, it lives when it flows and it creates contribution through transformation.

People with a GIFT mindset know the GIFT is bigger than themselves, the GIFT isn’t meant to be kept, it is meant to be shared and they know and value the depth of it, they have decided to devote a life of service to bringing this GIFT to others to better their lives and honor the lives of those before them. They are humbled by what they have received and know is part of their mission to bring it to the world