A Journey Back to You

Do you have a heart desire to contribute your gifts to the world?

Are you seeking to live your soul purpose? Do you want to contribute your gifts to the world but you do not know how?



When we have a heart desire to serve with a deeper purpose and we feel we are not contributing in a meaningful way,  you may feel lost, burned-out, unclear and you may not know what are the next steps that will help you create a meaningful life and career.

We have been trained to believe that the answers to all these questions are outside ourselves. However, the answers to our deeper heart desire to make a difference in the world can be found inside ourselves. 

When we reconnect with ourselves we find our inner compass that becomes our north star and guides us to the next steps in the journey.

Our gifts are like plants: first, the seed, which is the essence of who we are; second, the planting which is what we create with our gifts; third, the harvest, which is how we share and contribute our gifts.

Each one of us came with a natural essence and when we learn to connect with our inner wisdom, inner light our lives become beautifully expressed and alive and we are able to contribute our deeper selves with our communities.

Are you ready to start exploring your unique gifts?

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