Your Gift Journey

Every gift begins with a heart’s yearning for deeper meaning in life or more meaningful contribution, to fulfill a deeper life purpose. It’s a process of inner transformation with the purpose of finding your inner gifts, reconnecting with your true essence and sharing it outwardly with the world.

“Your Gift Journey” is rooted in great courage, and transforms yourself and others in three stages:

  • Stage One: Going Within. This is the inner process of the gift, the formless aspect of the gift journey; it is where you connect with 12 inner gifts and claim all the gifts that are within you. In this process, you become your own inner teacher and your inner guide.
  • Stage Two: Creating with your Gift. This is the stage in which you bring the inner gift to life, either through words or other forms of expression; creation is a constant process.
  • Stage Three: Sharing. This is the stage where you learn that you are the voice of the Gift; you learn how to honor the inner gift, share it authentically, and bring the creation to others so that they can benefit from the gifts you’ve received.

“Your Gift Journey” will help you:

  • Unwrap your Inner GIFT
    Your gifts are inside. Go within and bring forth your Inner gifts. They are your own divine nature.
  • Co-create with your GIFT
    Harness your inner resources. Co-create with your gifts. Apply your inner gifts to your life. Bring your wisdom from within.
  • Share your GIFT
    Greatness is living your gifts. Share them from within. The Ultimate gift is giving our unwrapped gifts a voice and expression, then sharing it with others.

The world needs your gifts. Thank you for your courage to go within to reclaim it—and share it with everyone who needs them.