Coming back to wholeness is an act of self-love

Coming back to wholeness is an act of self-love

By Virginia Nava Hieger

In a society where we are bombarded with messages around what success, beauty, personal growth, spirituality, love really mean, we can slowly lose ourselves either consciously or unconsciously, or we can close our hearts in an effort to be loved, accepted or understood. When we start to realize that wholeness is an act of self-love that is given inwardly and then released outwardly, we can then understand both the cost and the payoff to be wholly ourselves. We can come back to a circle in which we can see our whole self. We can see our past mistakes and learn from them, and we can be at peace with our humanity and spirituality.

Wholeness is a constant act, an everyday choice, and a choice of whether to be ourselves or a “version” of ourselves. It is coming to the presence of our spirit and true voice while being ourselves. Being whole isn’t an ideal, an accomplishment, or a goal—rather, it’s a simple and yet very deeply profound act of self-acceptance and self-love. It enables us to start loving ourselves once we have developed the courage to integrate ourselves, as well as the courage to let go of what no longer serve us and to be at peace with who we are, even if it’s only for an instant.

The glimpse of wholeness and self-unity is a gift that we can treasure, so we can remember what it feels like and, if we have forgotten this feeling, go to a playground and see a baby or a child just playing and being. Young children come with a knowing that you can sense by seeing them; they aren’t yet playing a role, playing a part or trying to achieve something to impress anyone. They have this deep sense of curiosity, are in tune with their own inner joy and inner love, and that’s why their presence is so magical. They are truly unique in the way the engage with the world.

I hope one day wholeness can be like buying bread at the grocery store—a bread that is so precious and treasured by others it can be an easy process to attain it. Maybe for some it already is easy, naturally fitting their own inner make-up—but for those who are the visionaries, the innovative thinkers, the creatives, or the outliers, it’s possible that this concept of wholeness and integration are an ongoing challenge. For those times, it’s so important to remember who we are and love ourselves unconditionally.

I hope one day you and I can be in the presence of one another’s essential nature, and that we can experience the joy of our inner conversations expressing themselves outwardly in the presence of others.

May you be your true essence, may you love and forgive yourself (and the world) when you forget who you are right now. May you have the courage once again to be your true essence and share it. Together, may we have the courage to come back to who we are and the courage to remember that love is our truest essence.